What are vouchers?  Vouchers are simply a paper form that documents when and how long respite took place and who provided the respite. 

How the program works: Once someone is qualified for the respite program, the caregiver will receive a voucher indicating the amount of reimbursement award they will receive for a specific period of time. Caregivers may use their award all at once or in increments over the approved period of time.

How do I choose a care provider? Caregivers may choose anyone they wish to provide respite and may require training (such as CPR or basic First-Aid), if they so choose, but the level of training is at the discretion of the caregiver. The provider must be over age 18 and not living in the home with the care recipient.

How am I reimbursed for respite? When respite service is completed, the provider signs the voucher to indicate the date and time respite was received. The caregiver will pay the provider out of pocket and submit the signed voucher to reimburse themselves. The caregiver sends the signed voucher back to Alabama Respite, who will issue a check to reimburse the caregiver (based on award amount that must be utilized during the specified time frame). Alternatively, the respite provider may agree to wait until the voucher has been submitted to Alabama Respite and a check has been sent before receiving payment for providing respite.

When will I receive reimbursement? Once Alabama Respite receives the completed and signed voucher, reimbursement will be issued within 60-90 days.