Ask us about joining or establishing a Sharing the Care program in your area of the state. This initiative can make a big difference in your community by developing respite resources and identifying resource needs that are unique to your community. The goal is to strengthen and support caregivers by increasing the availability and accessibility of respite resources. Activities include public awareness, training, technical assistance and resource development.

Sharing the Care members come from all walks of life! Groups include caregivers, professionals working with those with chronic illness or disability, local pastors & church representatives, members of special interest groups, state agencies, non- and for-profit agencies, basically anyone interested in supporting caregivers through respite. Your Sharing the Care group can look however you want it to look; some groups meet monthly and others meet less frequently. Group members brainstorm and get creative about ways to help caregivers in their community. Your group might choose to host an event, attend a conference, educate others about respite; the sky is the limit!

Sharing the Care: An Innovative Model for Building Respite Awareness and Capacity Within Communities This Sharing the Care (STC) Toolkit serves as a resource for existing leaders of STC initiatives throughout the state of Alabama, as well as individuals wishing to start a new STC community initiative. The toolkit includes information on the goals and objectives of STC, how to get started, strategic planning, activities, events, and evaluation. Forms and event planning guides are included as well.

Providing Breaks for Family Caregivers: A Toolkit for Volunteers and Faith Communities This brand new toolkit provides information and tools that will help faith-based communities and volunteers to understand the need for respite and caregiver ministries, explore models for providing support, and plan for the implementation of a caregiver ministry through their own organization. 

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Alabama Lifespan Respite Resource Network® (Alabama Respite) is a program of United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) of Huntsville and Tennessee Valley.

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