Respite Reimbursement Vouchers funded by the Department of Mental Health

What: The Department of Mental Health will reimburse those caring for a person born with an Intellectual Disability for receiving respite services. The funds are paid to the caregiver after the respite service has been provided by whomever the caregiver chooses.

Who: Care recipients that will be eligible for this program must have been born with an Intellectual Disability and must currently have an IQ below 70. The caregiver for this person must be providing 80 hours of care for the care recipient per week to qualify.

When: Approval for the program is determined by Alabama Respite staff so the process is quick. Caregivers who apply must complete the one page application and provide proof of the care recipient’s Intellectual Disability diagnosis. Proof of diagnosis can be a letter from the doctor, social worker or case manager, a copy of an Individualized Education Program or other credible documentation.

The great thing about this program is that once a caregiver is approved, they choose and train whomever they are comfortable with. There is no need for a stranger to come into the home to provide the care, which leaves both the caregiver and care recipient at ease. For more on hiring and keeping respite providers please click here.

Typical voucher awards are $200 and based on availability of funding. Once Alabama Respite receives your completed documentation of respite services, reimbursement usually takes 60 days.

For more information on this program, please visit Respite Funding.