Promoting the overall physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of family caregivers through counseling, education, emergency respite, and caregiver supports.

What is the Caregiver Wellness Initiative?

Caregivers are a population at high risk for emotional, mental, and physical health problems. Alabama Lifespan Respite established the Caregiver Wellness Initiative to promote overall wellness through a variety of services and supports to family caregivers statewide. Read below to learn more!

Caregiver Education 

Caregiver Education is offered online weekly and onsite regularly in community settings statewide. Topics specifically designed to support caregiver wellness include Mindfulness Practices, Suicide Prevention for Caregivers, Exploring the Connection Between Nutrition and Mental Health, Coping Strategies for Lifelong Care, Recognizing and Coping with Anticipatory Grief, and more. Caregiver Education is also recorded and available online HERE.

Respite stipends are available to enable caregivers to participate in education opportunities while a respite provider cares for their care recipient, or to take a respite break at another time. Stipends are limited to one caregiver education opportunity per month and are $25 each.

Click on Attend Events for more information and to register.

Caregiver Support Group

Our monthly online support group provides an opportunity for caregivers to connect, participate in fun activities, and engage in meaningful conversations with other caregivers on similar journeys. Click on Attend Events for more information and to register.

Care Chats

Care Chats provide one-on-one conversations with Alabama Lifespan Respite’s Caregiver Outreach Specialist by appointment, via phone or video conferencing, for caregivers who may benefit from additional support. To schedule an appointment, email Caregiver Outreach Specialist Jenny Stang at

Mental Health Counseling

Counseling with a mental health professional is available on a limited basis for caregivers who may benefit from more direct mental health support.

Qualified caregivers currently enrolled with any ALR reimbursement program who are seeking one-on-one counseling with a licensed mental health provider who is familiar with caregiver mental health issues and related stressors as they affect individuals and/or families (parents, marriages, siblings) may apply for mental health counseling stipends.

Alabama Lifespan Respite has a statewide list of available, licensed mental health providers who are familiar with caregiver and disability-related mental health issues as part of this initiative. Caregivers may choose a provider from this list or choose any licensed mental health provider in Alabama (in-person or via tele-practice) who accepts direct pay. Alabama Lifespan Respite will pay the provider directly up to the awarded stipend amount.

Caregivers will be asked to complete anonymous pre/post counseling surveys to help Alabama Lifespan Respite determine the effectiveness of the program.

New applicants only. The completion of an application does not guarantee the awarding of financial assistance from Alabama Lifespan Respite. Apply online HERE.

Emergency Respite is specifically for caregivers enrolled with any ALR reimbursement program who are experiencing an *emergent situation and need immediate respite assistance to provide care for their loved one while they personally undergo and recover from a sudden illness, accident, surgery and/or rehabilitation, have experienced a death in the immediate family, or are experiencing a mental health crisis related to caregiver stress and burnout. 

*An Emergency is defined as an unplanned event that results in the unavoidable absence of the Primary Caregiver and/or threatens the health and safety of the Care Recipient or the Primary Caregiver thereby placing the Care Recipient in danger.

Emergency Respite gives caregivers peace of mind while attending to their own physical, emotional, and mental health needs. 

Qualified caregivers who receive Emergency Respite may only apply once every 12 months. Regular respite reimbursement funds must be exhausted. The completion of an application does not guarantee the awarding of financial assistance from Alabama Lifespan Respite.

Caregivers experiencing an emergent situation may apply online for Emergency Respite reimbursement HERE.

More Information

For more information about the Caregiver Wellness Initiative (CWI), contact ALR Caregiver Outreach Specialist Jenny Stang at or 256-859-8300.

Alabama Lifespan Respite’s CWI has been grant-funded by the Administration on Community Living/Administration on Aging Federal Lifespan Respite, The Daniel Foundation of Alabama (FY21), and the Venturi Brighter Day Employee Fund with grant oversight by the Alabama Department of Senior Services.